How Good Is That Sale?

By Ana Connery

Cyber Monday, President’s Day weekend, browsing the bargain rack at our favorite clothing store – we’re constantly faced with discounts so seemingly attractive we often feel irresponsible passing them up. But whether you’re shopping online or hitting the mall, how do you tell hype from a bona fide steal?

How Good Is That Sale?

Let's break down how to get a truly good deal, before, during, and after you buy.

Before you buy

Step 1
Look for these before you buy
Step 3 and 4
get free-shipping subscriptions

Avoid shipping costs.

Consider enlisting services like ShopRunner, which offers free-shipping subscriptions to over 40 retail partners.

validate that low price

Validate that “low-low” price.

Price comparison apps like ShopSavvy and PriceGrabber can tell you if “low” really is the lowest.

Know these while shopping
Step 5

While you shop

know per-unit price
Step 6

Crunch the numbers behind “BOGO”s.

Size up these “deals” by calculating the per-unit price based on what you’re required to buy.

If the discounted unit price only saves you pennies over the standard, it may not be worth it, especially if the product has a limited shelf life.

beware of buzzwords

Beware of buzzwords.

Phrases such as “doorbuster” and “clearance” don't necessarily lead to huge savings.

is bulk buying worth?

Bulk buying leads to bulk storing.

Perishable items or ones you don't have room for might not be worth the trouble.

Step 7 and 8
Step 9
do you save on outlet stores?

Don't be fooled by outlet stores.

Most items are made specifically for these stores, so you’re not really saving on the retail price from the big-name store.

additional off

Check what
“additional % off”
really means.

Savings such as “an additional 20%” aren't necessarily off the lowest sale price.

Step 10

After You Buy

keep youre receipts!

(Keep your receipts!)

Tools like Earny or Paribus can check the receipts in your inbox and claim discounts automatically if the price drops.

Step 11
compare with competitors

Compare price paid with competitors.

If you find the same item you bought advertised for cheaper anywhere else, some retailers will beat that price.

* Remember to always check the terms and privacy policy before visiting these websites or downloading these apps and make sure you understand and are comfortable with the types of information collected and used.


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